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Thread: Z140 or something else?

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    Z140 or something else?

    [probable Y-DNA ignorance but thought I'd ask]

    So, I am very new to the Y-DNA scene, but I think I am picking up on stuff fairly quickly. FTDNA placed me within the I-M253 haplogroup. It is my understanding that this haplogroup could be considered part of the "invaders" of England, either the Vikings or Anglo-Saxons. I thought my Y-111 results were kind of unusual, and I was hoping that someone could assist with interpretation. I put my markers into NEVGEN's Y-DNA haplogroup predictor and it came back with the results I1 Z58>Z59>Z60>Z140 with 98.21% certainty, but I felt a few of my markers were outside the norm for this and might point elsewhere.

    For example, my DYS462 marker reading is 13. I have read that a marker of 13 is a strong indicator of Norse or Viking ancestry, whereas a marker of 12 is a marker of Anglo-Saxon ancestry.

    Similarly, and perhaps confusingly, my DYS511 marker is 9, which I read is more Anglo-Saxon, and a marker of 10 is more Norse.

    Also, my DYS390 is 22 which I understand to be more Anglo-Saxon, perhaps.

    Am I reading these things correctly, or am I mistaken?

    CDYa 34
    CDYb 36
    DYF395S1a 15
    DYF395S1b 15
    DYF406S1 9
    DYS19 14
    DYS385a 13
    DYS385b 14
    DYS388 14
    DYS389I 12
    DYS389II 28
    DYS390 22
    DYS391 10
    DYS392 11
    DYS393 13
    DYS413a 22
    DYS413b 25
    DYS425 12
    DYS426 11
    DYS434 9
    DYS435 11
    DYS436 13
    DYS437 16
    DYS438 10
    DYS439 11
    DYS441 16
    DYS442 13
    DYS444 12
    DYS445 11
    DYS446 13
    DYS447 22
    DYS448 20
    DYS449 26
    DYS450 8
    DYS452 31
    DYS454 11
    DYS455 8
    DYS456 14
    DYS458 16
    DYS459a 8
    DYS459b 9
    DYS460 11
    DYS461 12
    DYS462 13
    DYS463 21
    DYS464a 12
    DYS464b 14
    DYS464c 15
    DYS464d 15
    DYS472 8
    DYS481 26
    DYS485 12
    DYS487 12
    DYS490 12
    DYS492 12
    DYS494 9
    DYS495 16
    DYS497 14
    DYS504 17
    DYS505 11
    DYS510 17
    DYS511 9
    DYS513 13
    DYS520 20
    DYS522 11
    DYS525 10
    DYS531 11
    DYS532 13
    DYS533 11
    DYS534 15
    DYS537 11
    DYS540 12
    DYS549 12
    DYS552 25
    DYS556 12
    DYS557 15
    DYS561 15
    DYS565 11
    DYS568 11
    DYS570 18
    DYS572 11
    DYS575 10
    DYS576 16
    DYS578 8
    DYS587 18
    DYS589 13
    DYS590 8
    DYS593 15
    DYS594 10
    DYS607 15
    DYS617 13
    DYS632 8
    DYS635 22
    DYS636 11
    DYS638 12
    DYS640 11
    DYS641 10
    DYS643 12
    DYS650 17
    DYS710 32
    DYS712 23
    DYS714 24
    DYS715 25
    DYS716 27
    DYS717 19
    DYS726 12
    YCAIIa 19
    YCAIIb 21
    Y-GATA-A10 14
    Y-GATA-H4 9
    Y-GGAAT-1B07 11

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    The only thing that can really confirm whether you are Z140 or not is to actually get the proper SNPs tested.

    While those DYS markers you mention have their "Anglo-Saxon" and "Norse" looking values they don't always fit perfectly into these categories.

    Also a good thing to remember is "Anglo-Saxon" and "Norse" in these contexts does not literally mean Anglo-Saxon and Norse. These haplotype clades were named to show their geographical pulls long before all these various SNPs had been discovered.

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    First, would you have the values for 395a, 395b and 406? I would say that given that as you have 390=22, 385a=13, 385b=14 and 511=9, that your kit is Anglo-Saxon in origin. I ran your values through the Cullen subclade predictor, and even with the missing values, it gave a result of I-M253-AS1 =>96%. I know that the AS values are being phased out in favour of SNP values, which are more precise. What I would suggest is joining the yDNA Haplogroup I: Subclade I1 project in FTDNA, and the Z140 project. There's also a Z140 group on Facebook. Facebook is a very good place to ask questions. I'm the administrator for an uncle's FTDNA kit, and belong to a different branch - M253>Z58>Z138. My uncle's kit has DYS487=13, which points to subclade Z2541.

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