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Thread: Brazilian President Roussef ousted from office by senate vote

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    Brazilian President Roussef ousted from office by senate vote

    Meanwhile, the U.S. is poised to elect a woman perhaps as corrupt, and maybe as leftist. You just can't make this stuff up.


    What makes this even more fabulous is that she's a former Marxist guerrilla. :)

    I think I should have titled this "The moral bankruptcy of the left".

    "In the background of the entire fight was a wide-ranging investigation into billions of dollars in kickbacks at state oil company Petrobras. The two-year probe has led to the jailing of dozens of top businessmen and politicians from across the political spectrum, and threatens many of the same lawmakers who voted to remove Rousseff."

    Opposition lawmakers, who made clear early on the only solution was getting her out of office, argued that the maneuvers masked yawning deficits from high spending and ultimately exacerbated the recession in a nation that had long enjoyed darling status among emerging economies."

    Those who have replaced her apparently just as corrupt, but perhaps they'll have a better grasp of economic policy.

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    But there seems to be also a different side of the story, which is not very much covered by the media:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Guardian
    Planning minister Romero Jucá was recorded saying ‘We have to change the government’ as the only means to stop a sweeping corruption investigation
    Brazil minister ousted after secret tape reveals plot to topple President Rousseff

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