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Thread: First "Hittite" remains found in Turkey

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    First "Hittite" remains found in Turkey

    Well, this is exciting news...


    "A 3,300-year-old secret passage and a skeleton belonging to the Hittite period have been found during archeological excavations in Alacahöyük archeological site in central Anatolian province of Çorum, Turkey. The findings were compiled in a documentary entitled "Following the footsteps of history," shedding light on the lives of ancient peoples."

    Regarded as Turkey's first national excavation site, Alacahöyük is an archeological site that is home to Neolithic and Hittite settlement, where earliest examples of copper and stone tools can be found. It also contains royal tombs dating to the 3rd century BCE, with precious artifacts including jewelry, weapons, metal vessels and more."

    This is bound to be over-and-misinterpreted, unless the cultural association is very strong indeed. The Anatolia of that era was not a homogeneous place. The same thing is going to happen with any Roman era finds in Italy. Everyone will come out swinging their agendas like swords. :)

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    Yeah, if they find a Roman who descends from Syrians or Germans imagine the threads that would result...

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    True but we can't compare it to Romans now can we? Romans were known to have soldiers/mercaneries throughout Europe, Near East and Africa. Hitittes didn't. There were of course non Hititte people within the empire but they didn't act as "Hittites". Hittite was more a ethnic label while Roman was basically a citizenship.

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