French language has become weirdly corrupted and illogical over time. It has even been said that the French are so rational and cerebral because it is necessary to understand all the grammatical oddities of their language.

Let's have a look at the word aujourd'hui, meaning today. In most European languages, the word for today literally means 'this day'. For example:

- Danish : i dag ("in day")
- Dutch : vandag ("of day")
- German : Heute (from Old High German hiutu, a contraction of earlier *hiu *tagu, meaning "on this day")
- Italian : oggi (from Latin hodie, a contraction from hoc die, meaning "on this day")
- Spanish : hoy (ditto)
- Portuguese : hoie (ditto)

The old French was simply hui, which looks like a blend of the Latin hodie and the Old German hiutu.

But why did the French feel the need to add aujourd' (contraction of au jour de, meaning 'at the day of'). All together it translates as 'at the day of this day'. Sounds really repetitive and unnecessary.