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Thread: Dodecad & Eurogenes admixture of Late Copper & Early Bronze Age genomes

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    Post Dodecad & Eurogenes admixture of Late Copper & Early Bronze Age genomes

    The Copper Age was a period of transition between Neolithic societies and the Indo-European migrations. Although the Chalcolithic started in Neolithic Southeast Europe and Anatolia, it quickly spread to the Pontic-Caspian Steppe, from where PIE Steppe people expanded cross most of Europe and western Asia. Looking at Chalcolithic genomes is a good way of assessing how much Steppe admixture was present in various parts of Europe in specific periods.

    Keep in mind that the component names for the Eurogenes K36 admixture are not accurate and do not represent the region of origin, nor even the region where it is the most common today. One of the reasons fro comparing ancient genomes is to try to determine what these components really mean. For more information check the analysis of the K36 components.

    The Baden sample below shows no sign of Steppe admixture yet.

    Baden culture (CO1, mtDNA H, c. 2800 BCE Hungary)

    Eurogenes K36

    0.00% Amerindian
    0.00% Arabian
    0.00% Armenian
    8.38% Basque
    0.00% Central_African
    0.00% Central_Euro
    0.00% East_African
    0.00% East_Asian
    0.37% East_Balkan
    0.00% East_Central_Asian
    0.00% East_Central_Euro
    0.01% East_Med
    0.00% Eastern_Euro
    0.00% Fennoscandian
    0.00% French
    19.69% Iberian
    0.00% Indo-Chinese
    42.16% Italian
    0.00% Malayan
    0.00% Near_Eastern
    0.28% North_African
    0.00% North_Atlantic
    0.00% North_Caucasian
    0.00% North_Sea
    0.00% Northeast_African
    0.00% Oceanian
    0.00% Omotic
    0.00% Pygmy
    0.00% Siberian
    0.00% South_Asian
    0.00% South_Central_Asian
    0.00% South_Chinese
    0.00% Volga-Ural
    0.00% West_African
    0.00% West_Caucasian
    29.11% West_Med

    Dodecad dv3 (aka K12)

    1.60% East_European
    28.85% West_European
    57.86% Mediterranean
    0.11% Neo_African
    0.05% West_Asian
    0.00% South_Asian
    0.00% Northeast_Asian
    0.00% Southeast_Asian
    0.00% East_African
    9.54% Southwest_Asian
    1.98% Northwest_African
    0.00% Palaeo_African

    Dodecad K12b

    0.00% Gedrosia
    0.01% Siberian
    1.64% Northwest_African
    0.00% Southeast_Asian
    63.89% Atlantic_Med
    8.82% North_European
    0.00% South_Asian
    0.00% East_African
    6.25% Southwest_Asian
    0.04% East_Asian
    19.36% Caucasus
    0.00% Sub_Saharan
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