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Thread: A special sub forum for European Paleolithic DNA

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    A special sub forum for European Paleolithic DNA

    I noticed the ancient DNA forum is diluted with very broad topics. I think paleo European genetic and all threads relating to it should be in their own sub-forum. Since the European DNA ages are divided into three main phases, Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Aryan, maybe it's best to have three sub-forums representing each time frame. I know you might not like the Aryan designation I used but the point is valid. The current section on ancient DNA is very diverse and chaotic, if one is looking for specific information, it's tough no narrow it down.

    I hope my suggestion might make an impact.


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    The only Aryans are Iranid people. Iranid people belong to their own distinguish Aryan race. It is even in their racial name. Most people of the Caucasus (like Georgians who don't even speak Iranic) are also part of the 'Iranid' / Caucasoid race.

    Aryans = Caucaso-Gedrosia folks. It was a race of the ancient Persians and Medes, who were Aryan people and called themselves Aryans.

    Europeans are NOT Aryan at all and belong to a 'Europoid' race.

    Iranid = Iranian / Aryan race

    Main unmixed Homo Sapien races. Some people are mixed between those races.

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    Why not. It's true that we have 414 threads in the Ancient DNA forum, so it would look more organised to have subfora by period.
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