hello everyone. recently i did a DNA test with ancestry and showed up as 45% Ireland, 27% Scandinavian, 11% Great Britain and 5% Europe West, with 11% trace regions including 3% European Jewish and <1% Polynesian. this more or less matches my known ancestry except for the Scandinavian bit which i assume comes from my Scottish and English ancestry. i expected a lot more Great Britain as well.

well I uploaded my raw DNA to gedmatch. it was a little confusing but I got the gist of it. the one thing that has intrigued me about my results is the fact that i consistently show small amounts of Asian/Indian DNA on each calculator of about 1-4%, but never below that. now I understand that DNA should be taken with a grain of salt and that percentages that low can be explained away as noise but it has sparked my curiosity because there are stories in my family about my maternal great great great grandmother being Jewish who also may possibly have been gypsy/Romani. she was either Jewish or gypsy according to the oral history. or maybe even something else. but on AncestryDNA i get no Asia South however i do have a range of 0-1%. on gedmatch i usually come up with South Asian/South Indian but on a few calculators i get no South Indian or ASI and instead get 1-3% Southeast/East Asian. and then on other calculators i have both. when i look at the admixture on the chromosomes i always have South Asian and South Indian on the same spot on chromosome 2, a small chunk on the first half of about 8-15%.

basically what i want to know is there any way i can be sure if i do have gypsy/Indian ancestry? and also, if it consistently shows up on the calculators does that mean it's more likely to be real? also could Indian be interpreted as being Polynesian? any advice and information is much appreciated. forgive me if i sound ignorant, im new to this stuff! :) thank you.