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Thread: Corded Ware Culture admixture against Yamnayans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomenable View Post
    Ural and Northern Caucasus as well.
    There is no need to invent the mountain system in the PIE area. These Ivanov-Gamkrelidze reconstructions(?) as *Hek'or- *k[h]el *ont'-/*nt. *b[h]erg[h if they are correct, that probably words means elevation, hill, top, stone, rock, and not "huge mountains system as Cordilleras/Andes-Himalayas". At least there is no specific mountain vocabulary, as well as the mountain flora and fauna in the PIE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dov View Post
    Corded Ware and Yamnaya (which are attributed as the Indo-European) are similar in part autosomal, and certainly have a common source in the north.
    Basal R1a found in the north as well as R1b (just more eastern).

    We know that the eastern Corded Ware who are the ancestors of the Indians came from the north, forest zone (there live Elks). So initially they called elk, and then started calling the antelope.
    The same goes for Tochars. They also went in forest area and contacted with the Finno-Ugric.
    I guess you've gotten a bit circular here. Your argument is essentially that the familiarity with elks points to a far northern origin for PIE, and since we know that PIE came from the far north, elks must have been known to the PIE speakers.

    There's also an issue with Tocharian 'yäl' (antelope), which lacks the kʰ and looks to be derived from the bare root if G&I are to be believed. This makes it unlikely to be a simple corruption of the PIE word for elk.

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