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Thread: Curious about my Iberian ascendancy

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    Curious about my Iberian ascendancy

    I'm 15 years old, carrier of Brazilian and Portuguese citizen, and i am very interested about my genetics, but if i can, i will be proceed fast to post one.
    My father family has descendancy of sephardic enslaver farmers of the southeast of Brazil(they have gone through hundred years of inbreeding, so they don't have almost any jew genetic features, and i am sure they had no marriages with people from outside the family) and my mother family(my grandfather) were born in Portugal(my grandfather is also a cousin of grape/wine farmers in Sonoma, California)
    I would like to know how near i am of european/celtic genetics, just with that description and my facial features, here in Brazil is really hard and expensive to get a DNA test to outside of the country.

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    Acutally that' s really little data to have any idea. You mention your father's side of the family as inbreeding and losing their Jewish characteristics, whici wouldn't make any sense since they were inbreeding. Are you sure about this? Regarding your mother's family, what is it with having a cousin in Sonoma, California? Try this test and get the real info: genera ancestralidade. Look up in your fav search engine

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    This "Celtic" relatedness is rather a myth than actual ancestry. As i know there is no Pan-Celtic like ancestry in each groups where the Celts settled down. Majority of Western-Central Europe had Celtic settlements but it was rather a linguistic based group which appeared here and there. Pretty much the majority of your ancestry dates back to Neolithic and Mesolithic if your ancestors were "Iberians" for the most part, likely you'll have Romance, French, North African and Jewish ancestry through the Iberian side since these groups been absorbed in the modern Spanish, Portuguese gene pool and possibly you have some Native and African ancestry as barely any person of colonial heritage would be 100% of anything.

    Some Y-dna maps:

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    Save your money, I really doubt it's worth it. More often than not, your guess is going to be pretty close to the broad based percentages you get back in any case.
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