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Thread: Stomach Acid Blockers Linked To Infections

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    Stomach Acid Blockers Linked To Infections

    They're talking about proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole, which I thought was a God-send. Not good news if it's true.

    I'm more and more skeptical about even medical papers, but it does make sense,perhaps. Acid would kill bacteria. If you don't have enough acid in your gastrointestinal tract it might cause problems.

    It reminds me of a funny story Katherine Hepburn told. When on location filming "The African Queen", she said she was constantly ill with gastrointestinal problems, while Humphrey Bogart and the director were absolutely fine. She attributed it to the bottles of whisky they consumed.

    So, if someone gets sick from bad water or food, should they drink alcohol? :)

    Anyway, here's the article:

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    Just one of many pieces in the puzzle. Genetic predispositions come into action too, resistance to infections, coping with stress, and let's not forget a very big help from a healthy and beneficial bacterial flora in our guts.
    On an interesting note, I believe there was a research pointing to fewer gut infections when eating a lot of processed food, laced with MSGs. It makes sense too.
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