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Thread: Percentage of European & Middle Eastern admixture by ethnic group

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    I'm sure Dienekes has his biases, as does everyone involved in, or commenting on, population genetics. What is important, imo, is if the data is reproducible by other researchers, and the conclusions are supported by the data.

    In terms of the threads in question, so far as I can see they really don't refer to the "womb of nations" hypothesis. This has to do with whether modern "clusters" present in certain geographic areas today "cover" or hide other populations. Dienekes recognized, just applying statistical analysis to his own admixture results, that they did.

    That has been borne out by analyses done comparing modern Europeans to ancient samples, when those became available. So, we now know indisputably what he pointed out in these threads, that the modern "North Euro" cluster contains Anatolian Neolithic, Caucasus, and some Siberian. The fact is that all Europeans are made up of the same ancient populations; it's just the proportions that are different.

    The Lazaridis and Haak papers made that clear. (Yamnaya of course includes CHG)

    Or Allentoft:

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    The Greek result is cumulative I would assume? It would be interesting to see regional admixture variations

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    There's no genetically European person as there's no genetically Asian. These are geographical labels and don't make much scientific sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiouscat View Post
    There's no genetically European person as there's no genetically Asian. These are geographical labels and don't make much scientific sense.
    Hahah, really? Do you ever seen results of mulatto person (half SSA, half European)? Always 48-52% components in every calculator is for African side, and 48-52% Caucasoid.
    You can judge his mixed background in the same time form phenotype and genotype.

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    curiouscat makes a fair point, afterall, it is the Eurasian continent, and it's pretty arbitrary the delineation between Europe and Asia.

    And let's not forget that Azerbaijan and even Australia enter Eurovision.
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    Percentage based on the samples that Dodecad has. Not always these samples are perfectly representative though.

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    Modern West Eurasians are a mix of Villaburra related and basal eurasian ancestry. These components are outdated and nonscientific amateur based studies.
    You can find a genetic continum between Scandinavians and Bedouins as both groups belong the same west eurasian genetic contium and descended of the same people who once left africa around 60 kya ago.

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