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Not necessarily. They could go hunting because of hunting instinct and not from real need. I have friends who still go hunting in 21 century, every time they can. They bring deer or wild boar and they eat the meat. Of course not from necessity. I have friends who go fishing, and I do it sometimes too, not from need for food, but from joy of the experience. We go pick mushrooms, again from joy doing it and taste for mushrooms alone, and not from need of extra nutrients. It can only be explained by h-g instinct still present in us. From efficiency point of view, all this time spend on walking and finding wild food, is more efficiently used when food is cultivated around the house, and animals tended close by.
Farming versus hunting is not about lifestyle, it is about survival of offspring.
Anyway my point is that, because they still hunted this doesn't mean that they didn't herd sheep, cows or pigs already. There many pig bones in Gobelki Tepe. How do we know they hunted them and not herded them? In this time period wild pig and domesticated one looked exactly the same and had same genome.
PPNA Natufians didn't have domesticates nor dairy products.
They survived on cereals, pulses, fruits and nuts.
They were very low on proteins.
Some meat from the gazelle hunt was more than wellcome, allthough maybe only accessible to the elite.
In PPNB, when they had goats many tribes stopped hunting.