At long last I have found time and energy to update the phylogenetic tree of Y-haplogroup R1a. There are now six separate trees (R1a stem, L664, Z284, M458, Z280 and Z93) instead of two. Like for the other haplogroup trees which I have updated in the last few months (all haplogroups except R1b), I have highlighted the main SNPs that define the major branches. I am only going to post the stem tree here so as not to clutter, and also because four of the other five trees are better seen in full screen by clicking on them.

The Z280 tree could have been expanded further, especially under Y33, YP237 and YP340, which are three huge branches.

Under Y33 are a few deep clades that are about 2000 years old and are found Italy, southern France and Spain. They were most likely brought by the Goths.

1) Y2902>Y3226>Y3219>YP1144 : found in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and southern France.
2) Y2902>Y3994 : found in Sicily and England
3) Y2902>CTS11142 : found in central Spain
4) Y3301>L1280>FGC11555 : found in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, ex-Yugoslavia and northern Italy