I have been working for three days on a new updated version of the R1b-U152 tree. I had to split it in two trees as the L2 branch was taking too much space. I recommend that you viw the tree in full screen by clicking on them on the R1b page.

I had already suggested three years ago that Z56 was a predominantly Italic branch and therefore associated with the Romans too, while the Z36 subclade was Alpine Celtic, and associated especially with the La Tène culture and Iron Age Gauls. This new phylogeny confirms just that. Z56 is overwhelmingly present in Italy, while Z36 is the most common subclade in and around Switzerland and southern Germany. The other branches, including L2, appear to have scattered around Europe from the time U152 reached central Europe (circa 2500 BCE). Some branches may have diffused with the Unetice, Tumulus and Urnfield cultures.