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Thread: Dustin Hoffman may belong to Y-haplogroup J1

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    Post Dustin Hoffman may belong to Y-haplogroup J1

    Actor Dustin Hoffman had participated in the PBS TV series Finding Your Roots, in which we learned that he belonged to Y-haplogroup J. Browsing through the Jewish Y-DNA Project, I found two individuals with the surname Hoffman, one from Poland and one from Kiev, Ukraine. Dustin's genealogy confirms that his great-grand father came from Kiev, and it is therefore highly likely that this corresponds to this lineage. If that is the case he would belong to haplogroup J1-Z18271 (downstream of ZS227), which corresponds to the lineage of the Y-chromosomal Aaron.
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    I am interesting to which subclade of Z18271 may he belong. If it is S12192 (Y5400) which has TMRCA about 1650 ybp according to YFull, which is the most common subclade of Z18271?

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