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finally we see some more of the advance of Y-DNA N westbound into Siberia
it's a pitty we don't have any subclades, just NOxO

till now we just had 1 individual N in Smolensk area 4.5 ka and the 'K' in Bajkal Kitoi, which IMO is N, though we don't have subclades there either
How about this one?

Ancient R1a1 and N1c from western Russia
"Below is a table of ancient DNA results from a recent study on uniparental genetic diversity in the Upper Dvina region of western Russia. The oldest sample is that of a ~6,000 year-old hunter-gatherer belonging to Y-haplogroup R1a1 and mtDNA H. Note also the presence of the typically Uralic Y-haplogroup N1c in a couple of the younger samples."