Yes I am a new member. But I am not stupid.

Deletion of Posts: Your FAQ on Deletion of Posts is at best incomplete or otherwise it is deceptive. The Edit Post button shows Edit/Delete. Editing can be done as stated. For deletion, however, there is nothing in the FAQ about HOW to do it. (From memory) it says that the delete feature can be turned off. Okay, perhaps my comments were posted on threads in which the delete action has been disabled. But what if the Delete function has not been disabled? What would I see? When would I see it? And if it has been disabled, and I do not see what I should see if it was not disabled, then I would know the feature was disabled, wouldn't I? In short, please review the edit and delete FAQ section and add pertinent/complete information regarding a Delete action.

Quotes: The Quote FAQ (part of something else) is incomplete. It should say that selecting the 'Reply with Quote' button will bring over the entire comment being replied to (and the quote can be edited to a smaller portion if desired). Yes, one will figure that out quickly, but you are 'filling white space', aren't you? Keying a few words that explains a basic function I think is a good thing to do/worth the 'white space' being used up.

The Multi-Quote FAQ is worthless. How does one do it? It says what it does - allows a Reply to a certain comment to have quotes from another comment (if i understand it correctly), but how does one do it? In what sequence? I tried highlighting certain text of the comment to which I was replying, and pressed the Reply button (and later same but pressed the Reply with Quote button)* Nothing happened. I could detail the multiple other ways i tried to get the function to work, but it would be tedious. I know the function worked because the OP did it, and at least one other.
*/ this was intended as the first of my multiple quotes. I could

Please update and explain the Quote/Multi-quote FAQs - likely deserves its own section/heading - do not bury it. Thank you.