Pushkin's haplogroup is mentioned on Poreklo. Of the others the ancestry can be found on geni.com (assuming the information there is correct). I give the name and dates of the ancestor whose haplogroup is mentioned on family tree dna.

Alexander Pushkin R1a

John Hawkins (Andrew Hawkyns, 1421-1453) R1b-DF83

Cooper Family, including James Fenimore Cooper and Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury (John Cooper, 1490-1566) R1b

Ernest Hemingway (Ralph Hemenway) R1b

Clint Eastwood (Israel Eastwood, 1718-1794) R1b

Samuel Morse (Anthony Morse, 1606-1686) I1

Mark Twain (Robert Clements, 1595-1658) I1