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Thread: Share your 23andMe Ancestry Composition

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    I thought that the new 23andme results were trash until I did some research. I did not understand how I was getting 2.9% Iranian oppose to 1.4% Anatolian in my 7.5% West Asian score, especially if I seem to be getting only Italian from my fathers side. With Sephardic Jewish ancestry I would have expected some Spanish to to along with Anatolian given the history of the Inquisition. Now I did have a Greek Christian name "Pappos" from my Great Great Grandmother, but no Greek ancestry in my report. I did however get an extra 10% Italian from something, so that would have to be related to the Sephardic ancestry seeing how Im already at 16.5% Ashkenazi. Understanding that I would indeed have inherited 35% from one grandparent and therefore a 17.5% mix of West Asian and Italian from "Ottoman Jewish", I would have to find out proof of that being a possibility besides just speculation or bad testing results.

    Than I found this, seems like modern history may be just as complicated as ancient .

    So that would indeed explain the Iranian like ancestry. As far as the extra 10% Italian, it may be that 23andMe only tests a small percentage of your DNA, so Being half Italian, that was just over detected due to probability, seeing out most of the other ancestries are heavily mixed and harder to pick up.

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