I am curious to compare people's experience of customer support at various DNA testing companies.

Here is my impression based on my experience.

- Family Tree DNA: I have often been critical of this company (high prices, terrible MyOrigins and AncientOrigins report, etc.), but they do have a very responsive and efficient customer support, I have to grant them that.

- Genographic Project: I have sent several inquiries about their tests, but they either didn't reply or the reply was completely unhelpful. It looks like the people answering emails have no knowledge of genetics at all.

- 23andMe: I have made a few inquiries and their response was always fast and professional.

- Living DNA: I sent several inquiries and always got a fast reply. When their support staff didn't know the answer to my question, they asked their scientists and got back to me with the answers to my questions.

- BritainsDNA: I sent an inquiry, but never got any reply.

- My Heritage DNA: I sent an inquiry, but never got any reply.

So I would classify companies in two categories: those with fast and efficient support (FTDNA, 23andMe, LivingDNA) and those with inexistent support (AncestryDNA, BritainsDNA, MyHeritageDNA).

Of course that is based on just a few exchanges and other people could have had a very different experience from mine. Hence this thread to compare.