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Thread: Malaysia permits text message divorce

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    Malaysia permits text message divorce

    Malaysia permits text message divorce

    Malaysian Men can now get a quick divorce by sending a SMS with their mobile phone. This goes in accordance with the Islamic Sharia Law that a man can divorce his wife just by saying the word 'talaq' (I divorce you) 3 times - even if she doesn't want.

    After all, Japan isn't that much a men controlled society. Women even get the children's charge almost automatically after a divorce. How is that in Islamic countries ?

    But does this law apply just to Malaysian muslims (only about 50%) or to everybody including Chinese and Indians ?

    Sharia judge Mohamad Fauzi Ismail declared that the divorce declaration was valid and that as such the marriage between the plaintiff Azida Fazlina Abdul Latif and defendant Shamsudin Latif was annulled, the Utusan Malaysia newspaper reported.

    Mr Shamsudin was said to have sent Ms Azida a text message saying: "If you do not leave your parents' house, you'll be divorced".
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    As far as I know there are only two countries officially practicing sharia: Saudi-Arabia and Iran. Other countries allow sharia laws to govern the lives of their Muslim population (Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia to name just a few). Thus, sharia can only be applied to Malaysians of Muslim faith, as it regulates - among other issues - matters of family law (marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc.).

    Sharia also regulates the coexistance of Muslims and non-Muslims in Islamic countries. Non-Muslims (dhimmis) are protected by sharia as long as they belong to the "ahl al-kitab" (People of the Book), namely Jews and Christians (I think Zoroastrians as well, but not for instance Buddhists), also imposing duties on dhimmis such as special taxes. In this regard historical Islam proved to be much more tolerant towards other religions than Christianity: Christians and Jews were generally not persecuted for their faith or urged to convert.

    As for custody in case of divorce: a lot of Middle Eastern countries (Maghreb, Egypt, etc.) adopted the French Code Civil and handle such cases accordingly. Sharia assigns the custody to the mother


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    Ah, might as well. Better than having to be told "I divorce you" THREE TIMES right in the face!!!! Bloody hell, it's sooooo humiliating.

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