My MtDNA is H65. And our FTDNA Y67 marker test is being done now on their kit# 561193. There's a possibility a third great grandfather has had 111 test. We will know soon if we match to him. If so R1b P312 might be our group, futher broken down hopefully by our 67 marker test. The first test was lost between the post office and FTDNA. Does that happen often? I sent it to a reluctant relative so I have to get in touch again. I'm on Ancestry and have done my Autosomal 35% Irish 30% Scandinavian 19% British Isles and 14% West European. 2% Iberian. I fortunately love to read about genetics and history so forums and scientific papers are a great treasure. And maps are genius of course. Lately I'm studying the Yamnaya and Bell Beakers too. I hear there will be a highly anticipated Bell Beaker scientific paper soon so I'm looking forward to that. I appreciate all the wonderful view points on here and thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!