I am interested in discussing the A5360 branch of the F3133 subclade of L25. I am, of course, interested in all the information I can gather concerning L25 in general, but I would really love to hear, share, and learn from those who are F3133- specifically A5360.

I do not have much of a family history to report; the earliest known ancestor was a Metz who departed from Rotterdam to South Carolina around 1740. I have several cousins with whom I share a common ancestor about 8 generations ago; I am working on getting a BigY for them because it would be great to know if the family history is actually correct- I am the first, in my family, to test the DNA.

I have, since I tested BigY, been studying much of my subclade results- mainly from FTDNA. What I have seen in the J2-M172 Project at FTDNA is that over 60% of those kits positive for F3133 are from Arab countries- I am not sure what to make of that result. I am currently working on the percentages for all the other nationalities reported in that project; so far, this is how it seems to be adding up:

256 Total in Group; 154 are reported to be from Arab countries- 60% of Z7700 are Arab; 7 reported from India 3%; 4 reported from Russia 2%; 5 Reported from Armenia 2%; 4 Reported from France 2%; 13 Reported from Turkey 5%; 2 Reported from Azerbaijan 0.7%; 5 Reported from Uzbekistan 2%; 4 Reported from Germany 2%; 18 Reported Unknown Origin 7%; 5 Reported from England 2%; 3 Reported from Ireland 1%; 1 Reported from Finland; 1 Reported from Austria; 4 Reported from Kazakhstan 2%; 4 Reported from Iran 2%

I have the entire F3133/Z7700 group in an excel spreadsheet if anyone would like to look at it- my email is listed on my profile; I would include it here, but the platform will not allow me to do so at this time.

Looking forward to sharing and learning

(edited for clarification)