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No wonder they accepted technological achievements, together with pottery, from Iberian Beakers. I didn't know much about Beakers, but CW spread was obviously due to collapse of farming in Northern Europe and the steppe population spilling out, or being squeezed out of Steppe, due to terrible climate (we have seen this scenario again in Dark Ages). No big conquering armies. Barely anyone of locals left alive to fight. Just big movement of poor population fighting elements for survival, and barely winning. Probably their "winning" attributes were, more northern hunter gatherer genetics, more hunting, more fishing and still doing herding and rudimentary farming.
What is amazing to me is that even after this paper the conversation is continuing about horse riding men bringing metallurgy.

Either I am really missing something or these people are suffering from a massive cognitive disconnect.

Where are the horses? How could they be bringing metallurgy when the Iberian Beakers already had metallurgy, as did the Central European MN., and, indeed, it was more sophisticated metallurgy than that possessed by the Eastern Beakers. Even the pottery looks more crude to me than the Iberian Beaker pottery.

I also fail to see how this could have been a military invasion made possible by superior weapons when only ONE darn grave had a copper weapon, and that was a measly copper dagger.

The list is growing of pop gen hobbyists, posters or bloggers , whose output I no longer read. With the exception of a very few, stick to the papers by the major labs is my advice.i