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Thread: My Famous Cousins?: Common Ancestors Shared with Great Figures

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    Thumbs up My Famous Cousins: Common Ancestors Shared with Historical Figures

    I'm a participant in the National Geographic Genographic Project Next Generation 2.0 powered by Helix.

    Recently, they have updated the dashboard. The new feature identifies a great historical figure, which you share a common ancestor with, within a broad time frame. Here are my results:

    120,000 - 65,000 years ago

    At the dawn of a new Ice Age, humans have learned to hunt, gather plants and roots, always adapting to the changing land. Our ancestors are still limited to Africa, but have spread West, South, and North across the dark continent they call home

    During this time, I shared a common ancestor with:

    • Napoleon Bonaparte (Paternal Match)

    65,000-45,000 years ago

    Humans have just ventured out of Africa on their way to conquer the world. Yet these pioneers are still limited to South and Southwest Asia, where they are encountering new animals and plants, like nothing they had known from ancestral Africa.

    During this time, I shared a common ancestor with:

    • Thomas Jefferson (Paternal Match)
    • Nikola Tesla (Paternal Match)
    • Petrarch (Maternal Match)
    • Abraham Lincoln (Maternal Match)
    • Genghis Khan (Paternal Match)
    • Leo Tolstoy (Paternal Match)

    45,000-25,000 years ago

    Humans have now reached Europe, Asia and Oceania, and have encountered other hominid species along the way. Hunting large game is the way of life, and cave-dwelling is common practice.

    During this time, I shared a common ancestor with:

    • Sir Frances Drake (Paternal Match)
    • Abraham Lincoln (Paternal Match)

    25,000-12,000 years ago

    While the world is still in the throes of an Ice Age, humans settle temperate Europe and Asia, replacing Neanderthal and Denisovans. Some lineages spread deeper into Oceania, while others reach the doorway to the Americas.

    During this time, I shared a common ancestor with:

    • Napoleon Bonaparte (Maternal Match)
    • Queen Maria Theresa (Maternal Match)
    • Charles Darwin (Paternal Match)
    • Queen Victoria (Maternal Match)
    • Nicholas Copernicus (Maternal and Paternal Match)
    • Benjamin Franklin (Maternal Match)
    • Marie Antoinette (Maternal Match)
    • King Tut (Paternal Match)

    The King Tut paternal match is particularly interesting, considering my haplogroup is R1b. I know there's a controversy regarding King Tut's Y-Chromosome. But according to the test, I shared a common ancestor with King Tut. Thus does this indicate that he really does share paternal-lineage with half of all Western European men? This is the main reason for me creating this thread.
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