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Thread: British I2 is a Neolithic Remanent

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    British I2 is a Neolithic Remanent

    I haven't studied British Y DNA much but I have read that I2a1b1-L161 and I2a2a1a1-M284 are British-specfic I2 subclades. The recent Bell Beaker Behmouth collected lots of Neolithic British DNA. And 100% of Neolithic British Y DNA samples which could find a deep subclade belong to I2a1b1-L161 or I2a2a1a1-M284.

    I'm surprised no one noticed this earlier.

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    Very interesting results! I'll take a closer look later.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire Haired14 View Post
    I'm surprised no one noticed this earlier.
    Not 100% accurate, but it seems that I got a couple of the subclades in Britain correct 5 years ago.

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    I am not the least bit surprised as it is exactly what I had written in my history of haplogroup I2. I even mentioned on the trees that L161 was Neolithic British Isles and L284 was Megalithic culture British Isles.

    What is more surprising is that they didn't find any G2a in Neolithic Britain, but that's probably just due to the small sample size. It's hard to imagine any part of Neolithic Europe with no G2a at all.
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