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Thread: David Reich speech on ancient dna

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    David Reich speech on ancient dna

    Razib Khan helpfully provided a link on his blog.

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    He talks about what is recently published but for us it's a novelty the leak about Israel_Chalco:

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    the Ghassulians (4500-3500 aprox) were composed of 60% Natufian/PPNA, 20% Anatolian farmer, 20% Iran_Chalco (from 22 samples); let's see what Y-DNA had. Reich says that such pop was a dead end (I think by their Anatolian component as it don't appears in BA Sidon?), but precisely in the recent paper about BA Levant they state that Levant_Neo was 1/3 Anatolia_Neo, 2/3 Natufian (figure 4)... maybe I miss something?
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    Thanks for the link. It was very informative for a beginner in this field like I am. I can understand some interpretations I read in this forum much better now.

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