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Pfff. Lebanese JY14600 is negligle because it has low relatives in albania. Than that means albanians arent very closely related. Just that one sample vs multiple lebanese samples.

Their most recent common ancestor is 1950ybp TMRCA to z597

You can have two people that are J-Z597
And have different TMRCA. They will end up being two different J-Z597 lineages . And have further different mutations. Just like how I am J-z600 or J L283 and they are, yet we dont have common ancestors until 5400 ybp, 3400 BC.

It doesnt matter when its formed.
It only matters when they have a common ancestor.

Conclusion, my Jz627 clade is late kuraxes anatolian / lebanese clade.
JY14600 Is Lebanese
Yours Jz2507 and others is european.

Its neglectable because its very rare in Lebanon and in Semitic speaking countries, only exists in one or two branches like this in Lebanon with TMRCA 2000 years and with all other relatives in Europe, among all Europe countries, with closest matches in Albania.


Also its ancient DNA found in Armenia and Dalmatia with Steppe mtDNA and admixture. Also both Albanian and Armenian belong to IE languages.