Mathieson 2107 :

Appendix A: The Iron Gates region has a more-or-less continuous record of Stone Age settlement from c.12700–5500 cal BCE , and over 400 Mesolithic and Early Neolithic burials have beenrecorded from 15 sites.

The mesolithic Iron Gate Y-DNA found are I2a1, I2a2a(1b2) and R1b1a-L754xL388.
Autosomal they were 87 % WHG and 13 % EHG, no signs of Anatolian EEF or Transcaucasian CHG.

R1b1a-L754xL388 leaves open 3 options for the descendants of these Iron Gate HG :

- R1b-L754*
- R1b-V88
- all gone extinct

TMRCA of R1b-V88 is 11.7 ka, 3000 years after arrival of first mesolithic HG in the Iron Gates

The oldest anciant R1b-V88 DNA we have :

- Khvalynsk 7.2-6 ka R1b1-L278, possibly pré-V88
He was mainly EHG, but possesed also some substantial CHG and a little WHG.
He very likely came from south of the Caucasus.

- Els Trocs herders, 7.1 ka, R1b-V88.
Mainly EEF with some WHG, so he probably got there with the Cardial Ware people.

early neolithic Iberia
with dating table I here :
There are several subclades of R1b-V88 in Sardegna, some of them likely got there with Cardial Ware.

Furthermore the Chadic R1b-V88 herders are supposed to have entered Africa through the Levant betwwen 8 ka and 5.5 ka.

Mathieson 2017 notes that the Iron Gates hunter-gatherers268 carry mitochondrial haplogroups K1 (8/36) as well as other subclades of haplogroup U269 (27/36) and haplogroup H (1/36). This contrasts with WHG, EHG and Scandinavian hunter-270 gatherers who almost all carry haplogroup U5 or U2. Therefore the Iron Gates hunter-271 gatherers have ancestry that is not present in WHG or EHG. This suggests either genetic272 contact between the ancestors of the Iron Gates population and hunter-gatherers from273 Anatolia, or that the Iron Gates population is related to the source population from which the274 WHG split off during a post-LGM re-expansion into Europe.

So, is it possible that one man, R1b-V88 or pré-R1b-V88 got from the Iron Gates into Anatolia and there became the founding father of R1b-V88?
What alternative origins for R1b-V88 could there be?