New Post at my blog; LBK-like mtDNA in Lengyel Poland (Cylenski 2017)

In March Cylenski 2017 was published. It sequenced a handful of mitogenomes from Mesolithic Poland and Neolithic Poland. Somehow it went over the heads of everyone. I discovered it while searching for studies on modern Italian mtDNA.

Two of the Polsih Lengyel farmers belong to signature Neolithic Poland/Hungary haplotypes. To me this indicates Lengyel didn't contribute much mtDNA to modern Europeans. N1a1a1a3 almost doesn't exist at all in modern Europe but 2.5% of people in Neolithic Hungary/Germany had it.

I have about 3,000 samples from East/Central Europe. Only 1 sample belongs to N1a1a1a3!!! I just don't see how the LBK-farmer could have contributed much ancestry to modern Eastern Europeans or any Europeans. We got to look at other farmers to find which EEF groups contributed to modern Europe.