I recently converted and uploaded those genomes from Germany (neolithic to Unetice).

M273370 I0026, Germany, LBK2155, 5500-4800 BC
M880753 I0025, Germany, LBK1992, 5500-4800 BC
M599919 I0022, Germany, LBK1976, 5500-4800 BC
M649684 I0056, Halberstadt-Sonntagsfeld, Germany; HAL14, 5206-5052 BC
M836941 I0046, Halberstadt-Sonntagsfeld, Germany: HAL5, 5206-5004 BC
M872809 I0048, Halberstadt-Sonntagsfeld, Germany: HAL25, 5206-5052 BC
M543464 I0057, Halberstadt-Sonntagsfeld; HAL34, 5207-5067 BC
M800469 I0795, Karsdorf, Germany; KAR6a, 5207-5070 BC
M138990 I0659, Halberstadt-Sonntagsfeld, Germany; HAL2, 5079-4997 BC
M671772 I0807, Esperstedt, Germany; ESP30, 3887-3797 BC
M679282 I0559, Quedlinburg, Germany; QLB15D, 3645-3537 BC
M336699 I0560, Quedlinburg, Germany; QLB18A, 3640-3510 BC
M501953 I0550, Karsdorf, Germany; KAR22a, 2564-2475 BC
M685793 I0108, Rothenschirmbach, Germany; ROT6, 2497-2436 BC
M423167 I0106, Esperstedt, Germany; ESP26, 2454-2291 BC
M759381 I0049, Esperstedt, Germany; ESP22, 2454-2291 cal BC
M656492 IO111, Rothenschirmbach, Germany; ROT4, 2414-2333 BC
M788904 I0058, enzingerode-Heimburg, Germany; BZH4, 2283-2146 BC
M088525 I0059, Benzingerode-Heimburg, Germany; BZH6, 2286-2153 BC
M346264 I0113, Quedlinburg XII, Germany; QUEXII4, 2290-2130 BC
M604436 I0060, Rothenschirmbach, Germany; ROT3, 2294-2206 BC
M801804 Benzingerode-Heimburg, Germany; BZH12, 2204-2136 BC
M554833 I0117, Esperstedt, Germany; ESP29, 2199-2064 BC
M580039 I0114, Esperstedt, Germany; ESP2, 2131-1979 BC
M645059 I0804, Eulau, Germany; EUL57B, 2131-1982 BC
M502450 I0803, Eulau, Germany; EUL41A, 2115-1966 BC
M839314 I0047, Halberstadt-Sonntagsfeld, Germany; HAL16, 2022-1937 BC
M198517 I0164, Quedlinburg VIII, Germany; QUEVII6, 2012-1919 BC
M419880 I0115, Esperstedt, Germany; ESP3, 1931-1780 BC