I received my Living DNA results 20 days before the estimated completion date, three months after placing order.
There is a discrepancy with my AncestryDNA results, and I really do not know which to believe. Based on what I know about my ancestors CubanSpanish/Canary I. background, Ancestry erred in assigning me Eastern and Jewish European; LivingDNA missed most of the North African component.
LivingDNA Ancestry
Europe 96%
NW 29,1% (24,4% Eng/Wales and 4,7% France)
South 66,9% (32% Iberian,34,8% Italian)

Africa 2,6% (1,3 N Africa, 1,3 West A)

America 1,3%

Europe 86,5%
NW 21,5% (13 Eng/Irish, 7 Scand. 1,5 NW)
East - 3
Ashkenezi J - 3
South 58% (46% Iberian, 12% Italy)

Africa 6% N Africa
<2% West Africa

America <2%

Middle Eastern 4 %

Does anyone know if or when the LivingDNA raw data will be compatible with my Heritage and Gedmatch? Thanks
PS. I can't paste or insert table or images!