So, I recently imported data from Ancestry to GEDMatch, and have found that most admixture population-sharing runs result in rather high numbers, even among four populations. For instance, the lowest number K13 yields is 4.70...

Therefore, I tried K36, and found very interesting results that I could use people's input on:

North Sea: 24.29
Iberian: 17.03
North Atlantic: 12.73
Fennoscandian: 11.77
Italian: 7.41
Central European: 7.13
North Caucasus: 6.03
French: 5.12
East-Central European: 4.83
South Asian: 1.89
South-Central Asian: 0.46
Armenian: 0.40
East Mediterranean: 0.25
Amerindian: 0.24
East Balkan: 0.19
West Caucasian: 0.18
Eastern European: 0.06

So, what might this say about where my more recent ancestors are from? Also, is the reason that Eurogenes population-sharing doesn't provide low numbers because there are so many Asian populations (e.g., North Caucasian)?

Would it be reasonable for me to conclude, by the way, that I'm part-Spanish? I don't know the majority of my biological family, so tracing my ancestry has posed s challenge. Any help is appreciated!