New post at my blog: The evidence says one thing, they say another

I found a study from 2012 which oh so typically concluded/assumed a mtDNA haplogroup(this time N1a1b and W) in Europe originated in some Ice age Refigum. But guess what, their own data is inconsistent with this conclusion. Their age estimates for the major N1a1b clades in Europe date 5,000-7,000 years after the Ice age ended.

Theie estimates are about what I get almost every major widespread European mtDNA haplogroup; T2b, J1c, J1b1a1, T1a1, H1, many more(it's a secret. You'll learn of the others soon).

Like I've been saying interesting stuff is coming soon. Though I really hammer the point that European mtDNA is mostly the result of post-LGM expansions, I don't want to send the message European mtDNA is uniform and doesn't hold any regional variety. There is plenty of regional variety and unique histories.

Italy for example holds some interesting unique traits that I'll post about some.