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Thread: Cleanest and greenest beaches in Italy

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    Cleanest and greenest beaches in Italy


    You can zoom in to look at the ones nearest the areas which interest you. In addition to telling you if it's sandy or rocky or both, it tells you whether there's a marina, boats etc.

    Tiny Liguria has the highest number of them. However, be advised that they're usually not large and parts can be rocky. For broader, sandy beaches, neighboring Toscana has Marina di Massa, or Forte de Marmi, for example.

    Among those listed:

    Lerici has quite a few beaches on the list. This is just one of them.

    Blue flag beach at Levanto. It's much better than the one at Monterosso in the Cinque Terre. In fact, I often recommend tourists stay here in preference to staying in the Cinque Terre proper. The trails connect, and it's not quite so claustrophobic in the summer.

    Along the Amalfi coast, the beaches at Positano are clean and beautiful, but Positano makes me feel claustrophobic, especially in summer when all I hear in the tiny streets are American voices. So, if it's high summer, I like Verano beach near Sorrento or the beaches in Massa Lubrense. There are sandy beaches, but I love the rocky coves. What they do is flatten stones or create concrete platforms for the sunbeds. No sand in your bathing suit, but it's still two steps to the water, and you still get the views and the smells. It's just heaven. We do the same thing along the coast in Liguria, in Santa Margherita Ligure, for example. I know most Americans and northern Europeans tend to go for the wide sandy beaches, but not me.


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    it reminds me our summer holidays on the Costa Brava in Spain during childhood
    me and my cousins and nieces, we would swim along the rocks for a mile and longer to other small beaches further away
    nobody seemed to worry back then
    today it is unthinkable

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    Cefalù deserves a bit of a mention:

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    Cleanest and greenest beaches in Italy

    Five Gorgeous Italian Beaches You Probably Don't Know About But Should

    Roca Vecchia, an archaeological trove with remnants from the Bronze Age, and the extraordinary and craggy Grotta della Poesia, one of the most beautiful natural swimming sites in the world.
    Torre del Orso, whose towers like others along the coast were once look-outs for invaders, has a long sandy beach; its waters earned a Blue Flag designation
    Torre Sant’Andrea, named one of Italy's most beautiful beaches last year by travel site Skyscanner (it also has a Blue Flag designation).
    Santa Maria di Leuca (also known as Leuca), the southernmost point of the Salentine peninsula (Romans thought this was Finibus Terrae, the End of the Earth).
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