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Even more interesting that this little "foreign" admixture came via the North in Greek case while some Aryan Nordic ubermenschen theories claimed that they became "darker" due to Arab admixture comparing ancient Greeks to North Europeans aka the Brad Pitt type. And in Egyptian case the little foreign admixture came via Sub Saharan Africa while for centuries the Black Master Race defenders claimed Egyptians became more "white" due to Persian, Assyrian, Greek and Roman influence. If anything what these results prove is that, there was a rather tight genetic group, a clear tendency with the ancient civilizations. Those bordering the Mediterranean were clearly predominantly Anatolian/Levant Farmer derived and their farmer DNA got actually diluted in later times. And those Civilization in Mesopotamia and South of the Caspian to Harrapa most likely were more Iran_Neo/CHG derived than modern people of the same region. Contrary to what some people assumed of predominantly "Nordic Proto Persians or Medes".

So two of the most ridiculous agendas in this world have been debunked very hard. The Afro_Centric and White Nordic agendas. It is quite funny tbh.
Exactly. About time, too.