Civilization is one of the most famous and popular video games of all times. First released in 1991, it has influenced at least two generations of strategy and war game enthusiasts, but also of practically anybody interested in history and technologies. Civilization 6 was released a few months ago, adding ever more realism. The number of historical scenarios developed by fans is startling, covering just about any period of history on all continents.

It's surprising that after 8 years of discussing haplogroups and ancient civilisations nobody has mentioned this game yet. I would expect a strong correlation of interests between this game and historical genomics.

I haven't played much video games since my early teens, but Civilization has always been an exception. I have played since the original Civ1 and my favourite is Civ4.

One of my criticisms is that the game only starts in 4000 BCE, when it could have started in 10,000 BCE. It's odd to have to invent hunting, fishing and mysticism, or even agriculture, animal husbandry, sailing, mining and pottery only after 4000 BCE. But apart from that, it's pretty good.

So who is a fan here?