I didn't even know foreigners did such bizarre things when cooking it. I've never seen Americans do them, but maybe it's where I live.

See: https://www.thelocal.it/20170717/ten...-al-dente-chef

Being me, I have a few disagreements, or rather, additions. :)

It's very important to stir the pasta for a bit right after you put it in the boiling water, even if you have plenty of water, if you don't want it to stick together. I agree though that adding oil is a HUGE no, no.

Most tomato based sauces, especially ones with meat, benefit greatly from adding a pat of butter and then mixing right before serving. Trust me, it makes a big difference.

You don't need to make elaborate dishes to use up leftover pasta. My family loves when I fry it in olive oil in a pan. Leftover risotto can be made into patties and cooked the same way. They're right about one thing, like bread, it doesn't microwave well.

I like mine nice and crispy...I did it for lunch today...

You can also add new ingredients to change it up....

Or, as the article points out, do things like pasta frittata, with beaten eggs, perhaps meat or other vegetables added if you choose: