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Thread: Kindle or paper books?

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    Question Kindle or paper books?

    It took me a while to switch from paper books to e-books, but after I decided to read a few books on my phone's Kindle, I feel there is just no going back to printed books. I cannot find a single advantage of buying paper books. Here is what's great about e-books.

    1) Always there: I always have my e-books with me on my smartphone. I can't forget my book, or wish I had a book to kill time when I have to wait somewhere.

    2) Less clutter: let's face it, paper books take a lot of space. My bookshelves are full to brim and I had to pack books into boxes or give them away to make space. E-books don't take any space. Even in the phone's memory they can be removed in one click and they can be downloaded again anytime from the Cloud.

    3) Easier to read: I find it much more convenient to read on my smartphone for a number of reasons. I can read in the dark without a reading light. The last page read is automatically saved, so no need to always carry a bookmark around. I can hold my smartphone with one hand (while holding my head with the other in bed) and turn the pages with the volume button. At first I thought it would be easier to read on a tablet, but tablets are heavier and cumbersome, and the big screen actually makes it more difficult to read.

    4) More customisable: The font type and size can be adjusted to one's liking.

    5) It's easy to highlight and take notes. I would never do it in a paper book, but I do it all the time on Kindle. It's a great way to remember the important passages (which I highlight in yellow), the ideas to be discussed (in orange), the passages with which I disagree (in red), and potential new vocabulary or nice turns of phrases to remember (in blue).

    6) Instant purchase: I don't have to wait for the book's delivery and been present when the postman comes. When I have nothing left to read I can just buy a new book instantly, wherever I am (in a train airport, hotel room) as long as I have 4G or Wi-Fi.

    7) Cheaper: usually 30 to 50% cheaper than paper version, although there are exceptions.

    8) More eco-friendly: a very important factor for me. Save the Amazon (forest) thanks to Amazon (Kindle)!

    9) Free sample: I almost always get a free sample before buying an eBook to be sure that I am interested in the book. Even if the reviews are good, sometimes a book is just not for you and you can know if after reading one free chapter.
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