What causes a huge chunk of chromosome 6 to be inherited from only one parent? I was doing one-to-one comparisons on GEDmatch and noticed that this is the only location where a significant "block" was inherited from one parent. It looks like the same locations. I got the "block" from my father and my brother got the "block" from my mother.

Is this just coincidence? Is it HLA related? I know my brother and I have different HLAs. Mine is found often in Siberia and Native Americans but in 3-5% frequencies in W Europe. Is it a coincidence that my father and I both show exactly 3% Finnish and my brother shows 0%?

How many SNPs are the HLA types? I know HLA-DRB are "minor" ones but useful for grouping. How about the main HLA types of A,B,C?

Me vs Father

Me vs Mother

Brother vs Father

Brother vs Mother