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Thread: Is the Central Italian component in Living DNA a good proxy for Roman ancestry?

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    Roman Troops Statistics + Reserves in the 1st Period and where the Soldiers came from:

    Quote Originally Posted by Salento View Post
    Roman Troops Statistic in the 1st Period.

    I translated this into English from old fashioned Italian, feel free to object if you believe it is incorrect.
    Roman Statistic

    In Rome, a Corp of 20.000 Infantry and 1.500 Cavalry, sorted from Roman Citizens, and furthermore 30.000 foot soldiers, and 2.000 Cavalryman taken from the allies were kept ready.
    The list of population and of recruitment provides:
    Among the Latins, 80.000 Infantry, and 5.000 horses;
    Within the Samnites 70.000 Infantry and 7.000 horses;
    Within the Japigi and the Messapi, 50.000 men on foot and 16.000 Cavalry;
    Within the Lucani 30.000 Infantry and 3.000 Cavalry;
    Within the Marsi, the Marrucini, the Frentani, and the Vestini, 20.000 Infantry and 4.000 Cavalry.

    Furthermore, The Romans had 2 Legions each of 4.200 Infantrymen and 200 Cavalry in Sicily and in Taranto.

    Finally, listed as able for war in the population of Rome and the countryside, 250.000 men on foot and 23.000 Cavalry.

    Total of the Military Forces available to the Romans:
    Infantry 699.200
    Cavalry 69.100

    Polibio rounded up the number:
    Infantry 700.000
    Cavalry 70.000
    Maps Posted by Jovialis (thanks ):

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