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Thread: Olympic skater Brian Boitano cooks Ligurian in his ancestral village

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    Olympic skater Brian Boitano cooks Ligurian in his ancestral village

    I had no idea he was Genovese until very recently. He certainly knows his way around a kitchen, and he seems very good-hearted and charming, but while celebrating your roots by buying and renovating an ancestral farm house is great, I hope he's learned Italian by now. :)

    I also have to say it's a beautiful spot, as is most of the hinterland in Liguria.

    Emigrants from the town:

    Brian Boitano's house:

    On his Olympic Gold performance in 1988:

    What would Brian Boitano Do? from Southpark...

    See the video of him with his family and cooking local foods:

    Ed. It's coppa, not prosciutto, Brian, and always add the pasta to the sauce pan. :) Also, mi dispiace, but I'm not a fan of putting chunks of tomatoes with gnocchi. He does do a great job explaining gnocchi are supposed to be soft, pillowy, and light. No one in America seems to know how to make them commercially, so I never order them.

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    Upvoted for South Park ^

    That song was the first thing that instantaneously came to my mind when I read his name

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