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Thread: Sardinian food

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    Sardinian food


    10 Sardinian products

    I can't believe people still eat the "rotten cheese" complete with live maggots, although my father used to go down to the harbor to meet boats coming from Sardegna which were bringing it in. It drove my mother mad. :)

    Where and what to eat in Sardinia:

    This includes some recipes:

    I like you tube videos on this sort of thing. Gino D'Acampo. This Neapolitan born British celebrity chef has a series on the food of Italy, southern Italian heavy, but which is fun.

    He has two on Sardinia. I think it's interesting particularly because he goes all over Sardinia interacting with the locals, including to Orgosolo, which is that isolated area of Sardinia which is such a good match for EEF.

    Of course, Anthony Bourdain also did an episode on it. Only some segments are available on youtube.

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    maggot cheese is a thing??!!!!! Sweet!!!! Time for some grilled maggot cheese sandwiches

    Seriously, do you know of any Sardinian grocery shops in New York that sell this?? I'll pay 30 bucks for a small piece, I'm that desperate!!!

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