I prefer the cool nights, and holidays that are associated with the fall. I'm a big fan of Thanksgiving particularly. I like wearing jackets, and clothing more appropriate for the season. I'm also a fan of the leaves on trees changing color. It feels a lot more comfortable than the hot and humid summer, here in the northeast. One of my old bosses was an older Russian gentleman, that lived during the time of the USSR. He said NJ, and the surrounding area reminded him of Moscow; brutally hot summer, and bitterly cold winter, in a highly industrialized area.

Fall is a good time of year for this area, because it feels temperate. Spring does too, but I'm not really a fan since I get terrible allergies during that time. The only thing that's annoying me right now is that I'm feeling ill from the changes in the temperature, making me take a day from work. It's actually still kind of humid, so I can't wait for the weather to get more consistent. Summer ends on the 22nd, and I cannot wait.