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Thread: Neanderthal's brain matured more slowly than Homo sapiens and other primates

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    Quote Originally Posted by bicicleur View Post
    50 ka modern humans invented blade tools, while Neanderthals continued to make flake (Levallois) tools
    that is when modern humans started to outcompete the Neanderthals
    Neanderthals failed to assimilate the new technology
    Early Eurasians had boats 50 ka which is the best explanation. Africans still tend to be afraid of water, and Neanderthals would have made horrible swimmers so they were most likely hydrophobic.

    Early Eurasians likely had nets, and a diet rich in fish is known to increase intelligence. Humans could cross large rivers while Neanderthals probably could not. I'm not sure what the caloric advantage of fishing in a boat with nets is, but I bet it is massive if you do the math, and Neanderthals would have had difficulty duplicating the behavior if they were hydrophobic.

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    And yet, in new studies, they excluded the effect of hemoglobin in order to obtain more accurate results on melanin pigmentation. So hemoglobin affects everywhere (including arm), let somewhere in the larger like face, somewhere to a lesser extent.

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    OK. That's it. Jovialis, I know the temptation, and I went off topic too, but please don't respond to him.

    Dov, I am removing these posts to a separate thread. If you post one more comment about pigmentation in this thread in direct contravention of two warnings, you'll get an infraction. Am I clear?

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    Then could the loss of brain mass could have resulted in the development of the brain functionality becoming more centralized? Like early computers that took a room, now can be a laptop. The change in brain size, mutations, caused mutations in the DNA?

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