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Thread: was E1b1b1b1-L19 the founding father of the Ibero-Maurisians?

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    was E1b1b1b1-L19 the founding father of the Ibero-Maurisians?

    the Neolithic North African paper
    has been discussed here :

    7 ka IAM has Y-DNA pré-E-M183, in the E-M81 branch descending from E-L19

    studying the TMRCA's in the YFull tree Ted Kendall concludes that E-L19 is Ibero-Maurisian

    E1b1b1b1-Z830 was identified amongst Natufian and both E1b1b1b1-Z830 and E1b1b1a1-M78 were identified in PPNB Ain Ghazal
    E1b1b1b1-L19, the third branch would then have chosen another path and have arrived in Morocco

    what is your opinion?

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    I prefer the simplest option, that herders from Levant expanded to Africa with their Afroasiatic languages. The dates provided and the Y-DNA are in agreement, for autosomes I don't know, no time to check yet...

    Local mtDNA usually survive much or less after admixtures.
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    I think E1b-L19 is a libyan (western) brunch of north egypt with small connect to the marocco population of E1a-M81 cluster (coastal fishing). And Nafturian is a other (eastern) brunch of north Egypt.

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