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Thread: Companion Robot Owners

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    Companion Robot Owners

    I am looking to gather info on the impact of human- companion robot interactions. If anyone has a companion robot and would like to answer the following questions, it would be greatly appreciated!

    What type of companion robot do you have?

    How has having a companion robot impacted your life?

    What are your favorite and least favorite features of your companion robot?


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    Aren't you 10-20 years too soon with such questions? Today's "companion robots" are not better than talking to Siri or Alexa and interact with Rumba. ;)
    Be wary of people who tend to glorify the past, underestimate the present, and demonize the future.

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    Just some speculation:

    Say if these things are expensive, I think it would still be worth it to have one. You could probably finance them like a car, or a mortgage; maybe even lease and trade them in for a new model. As a matter of fact, I think I'd rather have a robot than a car. By the time robots are able to be feasibly sold as all-in-one personal assists/workers/cleaners/cookers/etc., most people will probably rely on automated-uber/taxi-like services anyway.

    I don't know if people would become lazier because of it either. Perhaps they'll have more time for physical activities, study, engage in discourse, and practice the arts.

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