The first is the name of a genealogy program that runs on American television, modeled after the British one. A lot of the segments are posted on youtube. I really like like it and recommend it.

I recently watched a segment on John Stamos, whose ancestors come from the Peloponnese. It was fabulous. I fell in love with the people of his town: warm, affectionate, generous, with immense dignity. They reminded me of the elderly people of my own villages. Now that my grandparents are dead and my elderly great-aunts are passing, I wish I could adopt his cousin. :)

Unfortunately, the full segment hasn't been posted, but there is this small segment:

Finding Your Roots with Professor Gates combines genealogy with dna analysis. The ones on youtube mostly make you pay for the episodes, but this one on Bernie Sanders and Larry David is free and very funny.

For Americans who have cable you can usually just google the show, and then sign in with your cable provider password, and you can watch them at your leisure.

Oh, the "Who Do You Think You Are" British show segments are mostly free on youtube and a lot of them are very good also.