I dont know have most of you noticed, but there has been new J2b1 text added to Eupedia and J2b1 has been more properly introduced on Eupedia.
It would be nice if we would focus on J2b1 in this thread regarding j2b1 and his development on Eupedia but also outside it.
So all constructive arguments, questions or comments regarding J2b1 and its current status on Eupedia are welcome!

First i would like to thank Maciamo for adding J2b1 on J2 section of Eupedia. Now lets see how our J2b1 story will further develop.

Text of J2b1 as it stands on Eupedia today with 22 October of 2017:

Map of J2b1-M205 as it stands on Eupedia today on 22 of October in 2017: