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Thread: Is modern liberalism killing Halloween?

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    Is modern liberalism killing Halloween?

    Is nothing sacred anymore? :)

    I just noticed this opinion piece by Razib Khan on a note he received from the school his children attend?

    New Halloween rules.PNG

    OK, no weapons is a no-brainer.

    However, where is the common sense in the no facsimile of a weapon rule? No kid should be part of the ghost busters' team? What about a light saber? You can't be a knight either, I guess, or a pirate, or at least not with a sword. No caveman with a club, no cowboys with pistols on their hips and on and on...

    No masks? That's part of the fun of Halloween, for goodness sakes'. Anyone really think there are a lot of eight year old terrorists on watch lists in the U.S. who need to wear a mask?

    The "no cultural appropriation" nonsense really irritates me. So, my daughter (really I as the responsible party) was doing something inappropriate by dressing up as Jasmine and Pocahontas? Those were her favorite Disney characters. If anything, we were celebrating them.

    Obviously, no one should be dressing up as "Sambo". That's what I meant about common sense.

    I'm waiting for someone to come up with the bright idea that little girls shouldn't dress up as Disney princesses because it encourages non-existent gender differences. I have news for these people: the science is clear that there are indeed ingrained gender differences, like it or not. I've known parents who ban all toy weapons in their house. It doesn't work. If you don't let little boys have a light saber they'll make one out of a stick. You have to teach responsibility, and sensitivity, not pretend that the physical aggression isn't there.

    There is also a lack of understanding, imo, that the "scary" costumes and mythology serve a psychological purpose. It's a way of "domesticating" very real, perhaps ingrained fears.

    When I came to this country one of my favorite things was going to the Saturday matinees, which in our small town served a double bill of horror movies, and where kids got a very reduced price. :) I assure you that I can't think of anyone less physically aggressive or sociopathic or psychopathic than I am. If some people really have a pathology they don't need those movies, and if they don't, the movies won't harm them. I still like a good scare, although not the gory movies like the Friday the 13th ones.

    I'm just grateful I don't have to raise young children now; I'd be in the principal's and School Board's office all the time.
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